Fete on the Field

Fete on the Field

Fete on the Field

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Contact Us

The team behind the Fete on the Field event is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers and to make your enquiry as simple as possible please contact us on the following email addresses in relation to what your enquiry is about.

Please direct your mail according to the part of the fete you would like to discuss, if you are not sure then send your mail to the general enquiries address and we will forward it for you.

Derrick Powell
Member of the Rotary Club and responsible for all booking of stalls for the fete day.  Including food & drink stalls as well as the ‘Avenue’ of stalls

Email: stalls@ferndownfotf.org



John Baxter
Caring for all car show enquiries and bookings of both private and club stand exhibitors.

Email: carshow@ferndownfotf.org


Lizzy Norman
Responsible for all initial enquiries about the Fete and for performers and attractions.  Liz also looks after all social media content across the various streams

Email: generalenquiries@ferndownfotf.org


John Norman
Looks after the showground layout, sorting out ‘on the day’ issues and general duties to keep the day running smoothly.  Also maintains and updates the website.

Email: eventlogistics@ferndownfotf.org


George Phillips
The man in charge who keeps the rest of the team in line, on time and within budget!  Got a problem?  George will sort it.

Email: eventdirector@ferndownfotf.org


Harry Worth
Responsible for the organisation of the 5 & 10k runs, creating the course, arranging marshals and ensuring compliance with the regulatory authorities.

Email: run@ferndownfotf.org


Sam Maxim
Sam looks after any private or corporate sponsorship for the event, including donations and gifts that can be used to generate income for the event.

Email: sponsorship@ferndownfotf.org

Stall application

If you’d like to apply to take a stall at Fete on the Field simply complete this online form.

Data privacy policy

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